SNVLab is a research group led by Dr. Hab. Eng. Halina Tarasiuk. Our research is focused on new network technologies, such as software-defined networking and network virtualisation, architectures, protocols and mechanisms to support end-to-end QoS guarantees over heterogeneous 5G networks. The group is a part of the AAI team.


Traffic engineering, queueing models, prototyping and testing (including: SDN controllers – ONOS, Open vSwitch, OpenFlow protocol), performance evaluation, experimentally-driven research, simulation studies.


  • Network architectures, network slicing and end-to-end QoS
  • New solutions for the virtualisation of nodes and links
  • New scheduling mechanisms for SDN switches
  • DCTCP Protocols
  • Comprehensive solutions for New Generation Networks/5G
  • Performance isolation of the resources of virtual nodes and links, including the MEC server
  • Analysis of control plane latency in SDN networks
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